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Sep 3, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. >> commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: thank you. so i actually had a brief conversation with her before she left. but the city is in motion on this. i think we were waiting to find out what the final instructions are going to be from the feds. i don't know if that has already come down or if we are prepared to address that. i know there was going to be a briefing given to the mayor. adrian pawn from the immigration office or offices. immigrant rights and community engage jment is deeply -- engagement is deeply involved with that. this will impact a lot of services that the city currently provides, particularly around workforce. it will really give the city an opportunity to actually start paying some of our kids who have been part of the paid programs and allow so much more for many of our youth in the city. most of whom attend the san francisco unified school district. i know the city is deeply engaged in putting a strategy together. i reach out to adrian and maria and i knee the mayor wanted to do an announcement of some sort around this. i'm a little -- i was just surprised that it w
Sep 29, 2012 7:00am PDT
. thanks. >> commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. i have several comments. these are some just reminders they think are really i am grateful to be in san francisco and i thank the mayor and the superintendent and the superintendent of oakland and the superintendent of los angeles. we were together recently and the mayor mexed me and said thank god we're in san francisco and oakland and l.a. have other challenges ahead of them and i think one of the things i want to highlight is the relationships that we have and the relationships that have been built in particular in the superintendent zones because i think we've recognized that community really matters and when we got the sig funding we were embattled with our communities. this was two and a half years ago and we -- people were reluctant and we took a risk and i am glad that we d i am glad that we kind of said this is unacceptable for any of us and should be unacceptable for you as well, and we took some big chances and fortunately we came out ahead and i am grateful for that because it was one of the scary moments that for years and
Sep 10, 2012 10:00pm PDT
. commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: thank you, yeah, i wanted to thank the superintendent for allowing me to tag along as well as the mayor. we had a great school opening with commissioner wynns. it was just so exciting to see all of the fun stuff happening on the first day. i also wanted to acknowledge the mission promised neighborhood back pak giveaway that we -- backback pack giveaway that we did with the organized group with the -- kevin and his crew. so we served four of our schools in the mission community and gave away quite a few backpacks with our partners at target. i wanted to congratulate our newly appointed city college trustee who was appointed by the mayor to fill the position that was left by trustee milton marks and he is diving into the work over there and then i also wanted to thank all of the schools that are participating in our shared schoolyard project. we are expanding. we have been doing this since 2007 and we are expanding from 11 schools to 22 schools and we have gotten great feedback from all of the zhools have indicated an interest -- schools that have ind
Sep 2, 2012 12:07am PDT
'm going to ask commissioner mendoza to help me at the end because i have to leave the meeting early. we had three items on the agenda. we took them out of order. it doesn't matter what order they came. we had an update on the current year process and of course we don't have all the results at all of who -- what percentages got what choices, etc., because school had just started and that is not completed. and really, one of the issues that we had on the agenda, which i urge all the members on the board to look at was a proposal about what would be lookinged at. if you recall, we had a very robust complete report looking into every question every board member asks us to collect data on last year and we also had a report that we could not afford to, nor do we have the expert's to look at every one of those data -- and it is not necessary really. what we agreed to is that we would focus on certain things each' year and add to our knowledge base about how the process is working. there is a suggested list of things that we would look at this the annual report this year. i ask you all to look
Sep 6, 2012 9:30am PDT
. this is the woman i met in the desert. hello, it's a pleasure to meet you. how do you do, mr. mendoza? welcome to our restaurant. thank you. so, are you two hungry? sí. tenemos mucha hambre. oh, if you're hungry this is the right place to be. well, come sit down. here, please. here? here you are. alberto. um, let me tell you what are the specials tonight. papa... let me tell you what the specials are tonight. what a charming restaurant you have, mr. mendoza. well, thank you. we've worked very hard to build a good reputation. but soon it will belong to our sons. my wife and i are retiring. you see, my father's trying to bring me back into the business... but i think one son's enough. well, forget about the specials, huh? i recommend the chicken enchiladas. that sounds good. i'll have the chicken enchiladas, please. and i'll have the chile poblano relleno. muy bien. i'll bring a bottle of wine for the table. great. thank you. i didn't expect to meet your parents. relax. i can tell they like you. that's not the point. ♪ y volver, volver... ♪ ♪ volver... ♪ ♪ volver... ♪ she seems nice
Sep 26, 2012 12:30pm PDT
tonight? commissioner mendoza. >>i would like to pull item k1 and k33 please. >> k1 and 33. >> roll call vote will take place under section zero, item h superintendent's proposal held for speaker cards and action tonight. none tonight. item i, board members proposal. none tonight. request with general matters and walking up to the podium is elizabeth stem. she's walking. >> okay. hi everyone. i am elizabeth stamp and the executive director of walk san francisco. that's the joke about me walking. i wanted to let you know that next wednesday -- many of you may, it's international walk to school day and i would like you all to participate. this year we have a record 55 schools and 8,000 kids signed up to walk into school, so it's really exciting. i think that's just public schools and elementary schools and what is more than we had signed up before, so in the packets i just -- that are getting handed out to you there is a list of the 15 official schools that are participating in the city's safe routes to school program and there are contact people and the start times of those schoo
Sep 30, 2012 2:00pm PDT
've been able to move forward. i also want to acknowledge commissioners fewer, mendoza and maufus. i really appreciate the work that commissionerv mendoza has done to be able to help us do some things in terms of community based organizations and being able to advocate. i'm very happy to be able to consider commissioner fewer an ally and appreciate the comments that she made because in the words of pastor harris who just spoke, it's not going to really happen just with the school district or with the board of is ups. we have to engage the community and the parents and everyone. * sups. i think in terms of policy and making changes, we have to begin the dialogue here because you all sit in policy making body. with regard to the board of education and board of sups, i'd like to see -- hover is gone. in terms of institutional history and leveraging more, how that happened and maybe didn't happen or what was supposed to happen, really beginning to engage and have conversations around that, but beginning to drill down and actually have some movement. i think that it's important to have people w
Sep 13, 2012 12:00pm PDT
? >> is there a motion? >> any corrections? >> roll call, please. >> mendoza. >> yes. >> norton? >> wyny. >> aye. >> 6 aye. >> item b. presentation to the board of education superintendent report. really superintendent's thoughts for the evening. superintendent richard a. carranza. >> thank you president yee and good evening to all of our parents and community. the year is in full swing. and i would like to come mend and congratulate all of our schools for continuing to provide enhanced academic experiences for our students. there are a couple of updates regarding our school district that i would like to inform our community about. first of all, i would like to give you an update for the initial plan for grad modification at international studies academy. (inaudible) isa this means that we will not recommend a change for the grade spans for the school year, we will take the next several months to review the long range demographic projections and the variety of other factors including enrollment patterns and academic performance and other use of our building, this will allow us to come back to the boar
Sep 24, 2012 3:30pm PDT
. >> commissioner, mendoza? >> i wanted to really recognize csf and you have been fantastic. and so many more of our kids have the opportunity and the out reach that you have been doing to our kids that has not had access to such high quality programs is just fabulous and so thank you so much for all of your hard work and your continued partnership. >> yes. i have the opportunity to go to a poster session, i think that it was last year and i was just blown away by the high quality of work that our students achieved. and i just want to congratulate, ucsf. and the commission on the status where i work just released girls report and the dirth of girls pursuing science and i am confident that the programs will really help the san francisco girls and boys get better exposure to science and have rewarding careers in that area. >> commissioner? >> i also want to thanks ucsf for the partnership. my daughter was in elementary and once a week my daughter went to the bay area the first play bay area science fair, but the scientists came in every week, women scientists came in every week and worked with them an
Sep 29, 2012 5:00am PDT
that i am pleased to recognize the 30th anniversary for the event on friday. >> commissioner mendoza. >> thank you. i want to thank you and 30 years is a wonderful time and we look forward to working with you for 30 years more at least and i would like to admy name to the resolution and accommodation. i think we all want want congratulations. >> commissioner maw faws. >> thank you and if you wouldn't mind but i also want to congratulate you all and not just here at the board of education where we see your work but really i see it in the community just the connective tissue where you touch other community based organizations and other places where families are and i have seen it so many times so congratulations to your outreach and how far you stretch across san francisco and beyond so thank you very much. >> commissioner wynn. >> thank you. i just want to thank you and you know tell you how grateful i have been to work with you for a long time and look forward to it in the future. congratulations. >> i also want to say thanks so much for just being a wonderful resource to parents
Sep 29, 2012 5:30am PDT
will be with us at the city central event at buena vista haraceman and ms. mendoza can testify it's really fun, and i wanted to let you know this year we're celebrating a big victory. walk sf has had a campaign over the last couple of years and we had success this year because san francisco is now as of this april the first city in the state to have expanded safer school zones city wide so 181 school there is are 15 miles per hours speed zones and the police are out enforcing them and will see next wednesday and that is far more than any other city in the state. the city that started this has five 15-mile an hour zones so we really -- >> [inaudible] >> yeah. exactly. and other cities are looking to san francisco now to follow our lead and so i hope you will drive carefully on walk to school day, and i hope you will consider walking instead. thank you. >> thank you very much. so if the people wanted to know which schools just in case they didn't know are participating where would they go to find out? >> they can go -- i think sf safe routes to school .org and many of the supervisors are wa
Sep 10, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. it will be a nail biter. [laughter] president yee: commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: i dissed want to commend them. there was a time when jeff started this whole backpack, many of us could remember sitting there talking about it, try to figure out what was there to give them. it was sheer exhilaration, and i just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks for continuing to support our kids and helping many of the families out, not only at the beginning of the year but throughout the year. president yee: commissioner maufas? commissioner maufas: i also wanted to extend my congratulations. i have attended. they are wonderful. it is not just a backpack and give away. you all make it a huge community event, and between the community-based organizations and the nutrition folks that come out, it is just wonderful, and that is through your leadership, and i want to congratulate you. thank you so, so much. president yee: i also want to commend your efforts, because this means a lot to children and their families, knowing that people do care about them, so without any other comments, roll call pleas
Sep 10, 2012 9:30pm PDT
this is a need in the community. >> commissioner mendoza? commissioner mendoza: thank you. so i actually had a brief conversation with her before she left. but the city is in motion on this. i think we were waiting to find out what the final instructions are going to be from the feds. i don't know if that has already come down or if we are prepared to address that. i know there was going to be a briefing given to the mayor. adrian pawn from the immigration office or offices.
Sep 26, 2012 2:30pm PDT
other -- qú"r >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> commissioner mendoza. three vthe drop out rates, a hearing on the african-american llfwstudent achievement strategies and a the between sfusd ,m,m sspd and our budget and business services committee is scheduled for next wednesday october 3 sg for the e committee. i am not planning -$ to come to !j!j! kind ct follow up is done by the board of supervisors on things that 3%3%zowe're doing. i have objection to information being shared but good if it has purpose; right? because if they just want to see data we could just want to see data we cou1xúv not have our staff be at their q beck and call. >> that n6n6quis correct. so w been doing digging today who is that the school district has any jyand -- yes, and -- >> [inaudible] district committee. i am going with our chair of the committee ;p4 find out who exactly is information on the $s$s=7drop rates and the achievement strategies since the school district provide that information, so we will 9but oftentimes -- i mean i think our has been really useful and helpful and sharing information
Sep 8, 2012 12:30pm PDT
mendoza. the other person is the assistant superintendent that supervises harvey milk's above its academy, margaret chu. [applause] i also brought with me the deputies said pete produce superintendent for so solid justice, mr. garrido. this is such a special school, i brought two deputy superintendent. the other deputy is in charge of policy and operations. myung lee. he is jumping back there. does anybody here want to be a lawyer? oh, come on, parents. this is so special, we brought the general counsel, the big lawyer in the district. his name is don davis, and he is over there. and then our director of communications is a factor as well. -- back there as well. why do i introduce the people to you? because we are so proud of harvey milk civil-rights academy, we all wanted to be here on the first day of school. this is not the last time you will see us. we want to come back to read in the classrooms. i understand you do a school dance. maybe we get invited to do that. we want you to have a great school year. q want to thank all of you parents for all that you do. we cannot do this without
Sep 17, 2012 5:30pm EDT
a 0 con gol de mendoza el director técnico mario carrillo que fue abucheado no buscó excusas, y dijo que él era el principal culpable de la derrota. >>> los rayados de monterrey derrotaron 3 a 2 a los camoteros, con goles de delgado, de nigris, después de buen y romo con el empate, pero reyna para el 3 a 2. >>> marco fabián está fuera de acción por las próximas 3 semanas, donde cayó en una jugada al intentar superar al rival, tuvo una luxación en el hombro izquierdo. >>> la revancha entre julio césar chávez junior y sergio maravilla martínez ya se está cocinando, sergio maravilla martínez se fracturó la mano izquierda, y esto lo mantendría alejado un tiempo el 2013 sería la fecha tentativa. >>> el partido de univisión deportes, es necaxa ante pumas morelos, para reafirmarse en el grupo 4, y también univisión deportes es la casa del fútbol mexicano, que está disponible en tu cable operador. >>> el español david silva firmó un contrato con el manchester city, silva jugó un papel importante para que el equipo ganara su primera premier league desde 1978, tenemos m
Sep 17, 2012 9:00am PDT
gaspar mendoza has waited outside the state prosecutor's office looking for help. >> translator: i have been searching all over the state for the last three months. >> reporter: homicides are down in the city once dubbed the deadliest in the world, but there's been an increase in the number of teenage girls and women who are missing. known locally -- >> translator: it seems like the air has swallowed her up or she's on mars. i just don't know. >> reporter: mendoza's 18-year-old daughter is one of at least 180 women in juarez who have disappeared in the last year alone. like so many others, she was last seen in downtown juarez. they've disappeared from nightclubs or bars. some even outside their workplace, or local factory that is have flourished for the u.s. business that came here as a result. according to the red -- hers started in 1993, the group says, claiming more than 400 victims were killed often after being beaten and raped. >> translator: we've hey total regression when it comes to disappearances of women. >> it's not clear what's behind the renewed aggression, but esspin owesa
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 111 (some duplicates have been removed)